Poetry feature in Indian Periodical-Dance

Please read my latest poem featured in the latest issue of the Indian periodical. Read it here Dance. This poem is about the beautiful dance a hummingbird weaves with her wings to get the taste of the elixir hidden in the flowers, which is so necessary for her sustenance. Do leave your thoughts in the comment … Continue reading Poetry feature in Indian Periodical-Dance

Twined and Intertwined

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. ---John Muir Twined and intertwined broken and branched Complex and divine Pure as a bliss a walk through those trails in time The serenity's which encapsulates you the deafening silence which rejuvenates you with each turn twist and bump reveals that beauty so … Continue reading Twined and Intertwined


Beauty adorned by the mountains with pearls of snow with charms made of the lush green meadows and wearing an anklet of stream golden hues of the sun giving you the everlasting glow eyes lined with the kohl of the shade mountain treeline defines your curves there is so much beauty there is so much serenity  … Continue reading Atmosphere


Those beautiful lines etched on your skin The art speaking for itself Emotions oozing out from each Drop of Ink And pain screaming from each twist and turn Every stroke of the pen defines you Every twist of the nip Glorifies you Your beauty needs no jewels You are adorned by them Playing shamelessly Around … Continue reading Tattoo