Soft murmurs in my soul those fleeting whispers which drowns the cacophony of my tumultuous mind a break, rip and a tear here and there and emotions come flying out like the caged birds, fireflies trapped in a jar ready to soar high in the cerulean skies or take a dip in your crimson love, messengers … Continue reading Memories


First published in the Writer's Cafe Magazine ,Issue 10, 2018 I paint you with my metallic tears dripping from my obsidian heart as I draw and sketch and darken the areas ripping me apart I trickle my pain dipped in the copious amount of my nightmare that darken your kohl-lined eyes with the pain my heart bears As … Continue reading Creation


I'm anchored grounded, in your heart where my soul is resting peacefully undisturbed in its tranquility unaware of the turbid emotions taking birth in me A fleeting touch of your palms make the eyelids heavier dreams are becoming reality I have put my worries to rest as I rest my soul in your lap your … Continue reading Anchored

Tea leaves

They say you can find  your destiny in the tea leaves sticking at the bottom of the cup encircling and leaving patterns  easy to deciphered and  encoded making the patterns  that zig-zag mesh resembling the events in your life Marking your ups and downs  and earmarking all the important events which make them truly shine It's an … Continue reading Tea leaves


"Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious . . . In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another." --Carl Sagan I ate the cosmos and  gulped down the stars and the galaxies  taken with a handful of  constellations and and swallowed a couple of Comets to warm the dark corners of my … Continue reading Cosmos

Power of Love (Micro poetry)

This micro poetry is in support of the LGBTQ community fighting for their equal rights in the Supreme Court on Oct 8, where the Trump Administration will be arguing whether or not a trans person can be fired from work based on their gender orientation. Supreme court has to stand on the right side of … Continue reading Power of Love (Micro poetry)

I hate you

Sharing one of my poems inspired by Slyvia Plath's quotes. She would have been 86 today. “Yes, there is joy, fulfillment and companionship—but the loneliness of the soul in its appalling self-consciousness is horrible and overpowering.” —Sylvia Plath I hate you for replacing my loneliness with your balmy presence With my soliloquy with your sweet … Continue reading I hate you

The season of fall

Here comes fall again! The season which brings so much of love and festivities along with it. That sudden chill in the air in the late evenings and beautiful fall leaves everywhere adds so many strokes of beauty to nature’s palette. The essential and beautiful transition from summer to fall brings all the love along … Continue reading The season of fall