Man-The Imperfectionist

We are so perfect about managing our imperfections Watching them grow every day Making sure that they have been cared properly We are so keen to bring out the flaws in everyone Forgetting about our own flawed mortality We are so eager to dive deep into the oblivion Chest thumping about out snowflake level existence … Continue reading Man-The Imperfectionist


Tiny Buddha

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ---Buddha Have you ever looked into the eyes of Buddha a reminiscent of the eternal calm and serenity they wake you from the deep slumber of ignorance the facade of the the life you are living in partially open partially … Continue reading Tiny Buddha

To begin again….

To begin again, something must end a vicious life circle and that is the trend; you are conceived as  a hope floating  as a stardust in the skies you take form as a hope and the quest for the life begins; planning your precarious life tiptoeing the mistakes and holding onto your pride the journey begins; … Continue reading To begin again….


As I publish my 100th post today I couldn't be more grateful and thankful to all my friends, readers, followers who have spent their precious time in reading my posts and have given me feedback. With almost a 1000 followers and readers from 65 countries around the world and counting. Thanks a zillion for appreciating … Continue reading Window