I call this the necessary transformation the inevitable change the unavoidable incident when I lay my heart bare and you ripped it to shreds I gathered the pieces weaved a chrysalis out of it and stayed inside till I came out as a butterfly from the battered caterpillar you left me to be --Megha Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash … Continue reading Metamorphosis


“Home isn't a place, its a feeling” ― Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie The air is heavy with your words deeply scented with your memories laced with your unspoken words I am gasping for my breath choking at times when they come back and haunt me titillate me and arouse me sometimes with their fragrance evermore but still … Continue reading Home


"Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique." --Anonymous Between the threads of reality and threads of our vivid dreams we weave our fabric of life embellish it with our achievements flaunting around with pride and we don't … Continue reading Fabric


 “She was born to be free, let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her.” ― Nikki Rowe Your face reflects the cerulean haze  lost in the morning skies your eyes resemble the two jewels  in the obsidian sky Your laugh and occasional guffaws  can put the a thousand tinkling  bells to shame … Continue reading Loyal

Fatal attraction

"Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.” ― Lisa Kleypas, Devil in Winter That insatiable thirst which rises from the depth of my soul and devours me like a wildfire this incessant need to be wrapped around … Continue reading Fatal attraction

And here I am…My Blog First Anniversary

My role in society, or any artist or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all. – John Lennon   I'm feeling so excited and elated to finally reach the … Continue reading And here I am…My Blog First Anniversary

Perfect Storm

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry. Read it here "With a tide rising in your heart and a gale rushing in mine, we brewed a perfect storm together" --Megha Sood Our wild emotions were brewing slowly and surely simmering and rising to the surface ready to be spilled poured out of our … Continue reading Perfect Storm

Random acts of kindness Award

~*~ Random Acts of Kindness Award ~*~   I was really moved and elated to see that Becky of Beckie's Mental Mess has nominated for this award. Becky has been a dear blogger friend since my early days of blogging and she runs a beautiful blog raising the awareness about the mental health and its importance in … Continue reading Random acts of kindness Award

Stay in touch

One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside. ― John Lennon Remember how we always say this to people who are leaving, moving away, getting a farewell, changing jobs etc. We ask them not to be a stranger and to stay in touch with us. I have always wondered why shouldn't we do the same … Continue reading Stay in touch

Poetry feature in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Issue 10 – Theme “Potraits”

So happy and excited to be featured amongst the talented voices in Issue 10 of the Writer's Cafe Magazine with Theme " Portraits". I'm really thankful to Marie Lightman for giving me this opportunity and for featuring my work. The Writers’ Cafe was established in 2012, formed from the premise that writers needed a place to … Continue reading Poetry feature in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Issue 10 – Theme “Potraits”