Poetry Reading at the historic New York Society Library (NYSL) for Earth Day Poetry Salon, April 20, 2023, 6pm EDT


I’m elated to be in this august company of poets for the Earth Day Celebration at the historic New York Society Library on April 20, 2023. In honor of Earth Day 2023 (April 22), an all-star slate of poets illuminates through poetry the real impact of climate change, global warming, and the effects of environmental injustice on our world.

The poets are John Curl, Stephanie JT Russell, and Megha Sood, with a joint presentation by Margaret Porter Troupe and Quincy Troupe. Extremely grateful to the staff at New York Society Library and Dr. Kim Mcmillon for supporting my work and for making this happen.

Link for details and registration: https://www.nysoclib.org/events/members-room-earth-day-poetry-salon?fbclid=IwAR19r7D3xnMqFrst0nSRujHI-653uWavsq3gIKK-2k1KoeD5BJb7xJ1mHsQ#.Y_5D5N1KcrA.facebook

Established in 1754, New York Society Library has a vibrant history. For more than a quarter of a millennium, the New York Society Library has played a central role in the evolution of the availability of books in New York City and the country. If New York is the communications capital of the United States, this library is arguably one of the reasons why. It is no surprise that it has attracted such luminaries as George Washington, Herman Melville, Willa Cather, and Truman Capote. To know more about its history. Click here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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