Poetry nominated for the Best of the Net 2023 anthology

Best fotheNet2023

I’m super elated to share the news that my poem “Crimson robe”  has been nominated for 2023 Best of the Net. The poem was published as part of The Rainbow Project : A Literary Place of Sanctuary from These Trying Times curated and edited by  Roxanne Hoffman and Jack Cooper. Honored to share the space with the following nominees in the genre of fiction, artwork,  and poetry. Winners will be announced next year and will be part of the Best of the Net anthology.

Please visit The Rainbow Project at: https://rainbowliterary.blogspot.com/.


Susan Justiniano aka Rescue Poetix“Raspberry Kisses,” posted 06/01/2022
Lynne Shapiro“I’ve Read the Room,” posted 02/22/2022
Carrie Magness Radna“This Thin Red Line,” posted 02/13/2022
Akshaya Pawaskar, “Red Blush,” posted 02/07/2022
Zev Torres, “Revelations Beyond Red,” posted 02/07/2022
Megha Sood, “Crimson Robe,” posted 02/04/22
David Huberman, “Nighttime Rainbow,” posted 01/10/2022
Belle Koblentz, “Tulips,” posted 03/01/2022
Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

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