Poetry published in Editorial Anthology “Brownstone Poets Anthology 2022”

I’m extremely excited to share the new edition of the BrownstonePoets Anthology 2022.  In addition to being a contributor to this brilliant and gorgeous anthology, I am also one of the Associate editors this year. Honored to share the editorial space with Karen Neuberg and Carrie Magness Radna. I’m really thankful to Editor Chief and Publisher, Patricia Carragon for bringing me on the editorial team.

The beautiful anthology is intermixed with photos all across the pages. The stunning images have been contributed by Patricia Carragon, Roxanne Hoffman, Karen Neuberg, Linda Lerner, and Carrie Magness Radna. The gorgeous photographs complement the poetry featured in the anthology.

The anthology features the writing of 59 talented and brilliant poets from the literary community. I’m extremely honored the share the space with Maria Lisella, Yuyutsu Sharma, Austin Alexis, Bertha Rogers, Bruce Whitacre, Cindy Hochman, Crystal Davis, David Dephy, Dorothy Cantwell, Ermira Mitre, Geer Austin, Gerald Wagoner, James dean Riviera, Harvey Soss, Jeff Cottrill, John F McMullen, JP Howard, Kaen Neuberg, Linda Lerner, Martina McGowan, Mike Jurkowic, Moe Seager, Mireya Parez, Paulina Findley, Prince McNally, Ptr Kozlowski, Ron Bremner, Roxanne Hoffman, Sandra Yannonne, Steve Koenig, Susana H Case, Rescue Poetix, Talena  Lachelle Queen, Tamata J Madison, Zev Torres and many more.

Do buy a copy of the anthology. You can place the order with EIC  Patricia Carragon.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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