Selected for the Juried Arts Festival “Spoken Word Competition 2022” by NY-based The Artists Forum


I’m beyond thrilled to share the news that I have been invited as one of the judges for the Spoken Word Competition 2022 hosted by NY based, The Artist Forum.  I’m immensely grateful to the Founder and Director, Amos V White for giving me the opportunity. The completion is currently open for submissions and you can find the details in the link below.

THE ARTISTS FORUM, INC. is a New York State 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They specialize in events, juried competitions, and media for artists, and offer curation, design, and production management services for multi-media exhibits.Their mission is to empower emerging and mid-career artists by providing accessible platforms to showcase their work and interact with diverse audiences. With the exception of our 1998 inaugural event at the United Nations, all programs by THE ARTISTS FORUM have been open to the public. They provide unique opportunities for artists to showcase their work, receive recognition for their achievements, broaden professional contacts, and engage creative communities across disciplines.

THE ARTISTS FORUM JURIED ARTS FESTIVAL provides an accessible platform for artists of multiple genres to share their latest, most innovative, and influential works with diverse audiences through a juried competition. Participant and Winner benefits include public acknowledgment of exceptional projects and career advancement opportunities for both the artists and their collaborators. Current opportunities include competitions in music, photography, spoken word, and choreography, with other genres forthcoming. We encourage art community members to participate by submitting their best materials for consideration


Deadline: July 20, 2022

THE ARTISTS FORUM invites artists to showcase interpretations of the phrase: Reflections on the National Psyche. The term “national psyche” refers to the collective thinking or attitude of a nation as a whole and is not specific to any individual nation. This idea can be applied to or in contrast to any cultural ideology. See our 2022 competition pages for details on our lists of entry categories.

Submission Guidelines  for the Spoken Word Competition 2022

Spoken Word Competition 2022

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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