“Archived on the Moon” seal on “The Medusa Project” anthology

I’m thrilled to receive the official seal “Archived on the Moon” as part of the LunarCodex Project. The Medusa Project anthology, by UK-based MookyChick Press, has been chosen as a digital payload to be sent to the moon in 2023 as part of the “Polaris Collection” in collaboration with Astrobotics and NASA/SpaceX. I’m immensely grateful to Dr. Samuel Peralta for giving me and the other 50 women creatives of this anthology a space in the historic project.

Press Mention: https://www.nj.com/hudson/2022/03/jersey-city-writers-co-edited-the-medusa-project-is-headed-to-the-moon.html

The anthology is free to download from the Mookychick website. Here is the link

The Medusa Project: Editor’s Introduction by Megha Sood

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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