List of Publications/Events/Book Tour/Mentions for the month of April 2022 #NationalPoetryMonth22

April being the National Poetry Month was brimming with events, reading, and poetry festivals. In addition to winning the Broadside Poetry Contest at the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival and being shortlisted in the UK-based Stafford Lit festival, I was also blessed to be part of the New Orleans Poetry Festival. Immensely thankful to Lucinda Clark and Dr. Kim Mcmillon for making me part of it. 

This month also brought me the happiness of hearing my voice on radio stations, including being one of the winners of the open mic contest of the Poetry matters Project. My winning poem was played on WRUU 107.5 FM, Georgia. I was also elated to know that my poem was played on the WNYC Studio morning edition as part of National Poetry Month.

In addition to the book tour, I was also a featured poet in the Hoboken Library “ Positive Poetry Reading ”series. The highlight of the month was to share the space with Frank Messia and reg e gaines at the Hoboken Historical Museum for the “Something New ” event organized by Danny Shot. 

Notable publications include the poetry published in the Brown Critique anthology “ Home”, “Survival” edition of the Pine Cone Review, and the Moonstone Arts Press “ Support Ukraine” anthology. Immensely thankful to Dr. Santosh Bakaya for her brilliant and detailed review of my full-length “ My Body Lives Like a Threat” which got published in the Pittsburgh-based, SETU’s latest edition.

I also received numerous press mentions in the New Jersey Stage, Hudson Reporter, Hoboken Girl, Nj.Com, and the Washington-based press outlet Indian Star for my events and publications. Thrilled to get a mention by the Academy of American Poets for my Storefront Reading with my FlowerSong Press Mates in NYC.

The month ended on a high note with the collaborative event as part of my book tour with the Open Road Poetry. The event was graced with reading from four accomplished women poets as they read their favorite poems from my full-length collection. Immensely thankful to the Jersey City Poet Laureate, Rescue Poetix and Co-founder Crystal Davis for providing the technical support and for making this event an astounding success. Hearing my poems in the voices of Dr. Kim Mcmillon, Rescue Poetix, Candice Daquin, and Dr. Anita Nahal gave a new life to my work.

April has always been a special month to me every year as it is filled with the unfettered joy of being a poet and being a part of a beautiful creative community.

Thanks, everyone for making this happen. Looking forward to a marvelous May!!


Megha Sood

List of Publications/Events/Book Tour/Mentions for the month of April 2022

Winner for the 2022 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival Broadside Poetry Contest #NationalPoetryMonth

Press Mention of the book tour event on April 28, 2022, in New Jersey Stage #book tour #NationalPoetryMonth #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat

Poetry Shortlisted in the Stafford Litfest 2022 writing competition, UK

Poetry Published in the anthology ” Home” by Brown Critique

Virtual Poetry reading event “Poetic Word Liberation” at the New Orleans Poetry Festival 2022, April 23, 2022

Poetry to be aired on the WNYC Studio, Morning Edition as part of National Poetry Month 2022 on April 18, 2022

Poetry reading event in collaboration with Open Road Poetry on April 28, 7pm EDT #BookTour #NationalPoetryMonth22 #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat

Press mention in the Washington-based, Indian Star about “The Medusa Project” as the digital payload for the moon

Press Mention for the Hoboken Historical Museum Poetry festival in the Jersey Journal ( #NationalPoetryMonth2022

Poetry published in the “Survival” issue of the Pine Cone Review

Poetry Event mentioned in the Academy of American poets(Poets.Org)

Featured Poet at the “Storefront Poetry reading”at the Unoppressive Non-imperialist Bargain Books, NYC on April 8, 2022 , at 8 pm EST featuring the Flower Song Press authors

Book review of Megha Sood’s “My Body Lives Like a Threat” by Dr. Santosh Bakaya published in Pittsburg based, SETU Magazine

Poetry reading and book signing “Positive Poetry Reading” series at Hoboken Library, Apr 02, 2022 #book tour #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat #NationalPoetryMonth22

Poetry to be aired on the WRUU 107.5FM, Savannah, Georgia as part of the PMP Poetry Contest Open Mic Winner on April 05, 2022, #NationalPoetryMonth 2022

Poetry reading for the anthology “Support Ukraine 2022” by Moonstone Arts

Featured Poet in the “Essential Voice” webinar by FlowerSong Press, April 07, 2022, 8:30 pm to 9:30 PM EST #booktour #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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