Featured Poet on March 31, 2022 7pm EST with When People Speak #booktour #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat


Excited to be  one of the featured poet on the virtual spoken word hosted by Ameraah Shabazz and James C Ellerbe. Honored to share the space with Jewlz and Kween More.

When People Speak is a virtual Spoken Word event Hosted by Ameerah Shabazz of When Women Speak and James Ellerbe of NJPoetryEvents.com that is streamed live on Facebook!

Women’s History Month Celebration
Featuring: Jewlz with a Z, Megha Sood, & Kween Moore
All shows are posted to our YouTube Channel for on-demand viewing.
Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

4 thoughts on “Featured Poet on March 31, 2022 7pm EST with When People Speak #booktour #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat

  1. Hi Megha,
    I have watched your progress for more than a little while, and noted the glowing accolades that you have engendered through your work. Poetry is a bit of a minefield for me (as is all art, to a degree, but poetry seems the most dangerous) in that I never know when I might be treading on the wrong spot – misreading the signs – heading in the wrong (write) direction.
    I frequently recall (and re-quote) the words of an artist (who’s name, strangely, I cannot recall). Apparently he was approached in a gallery by an admirer who asked to be enlightened about the meaning of a particular painting. The artist replied, “If I have to explain it, then you will never understand.” Those words have always resonated for me – an artwork it’s it’s own explanation, it is expressed the way it is expressed because there simply is no other way to properly express it. An artist shouldn’t need to explain. One should merely point to one’s own work and say, “there’s your explanation.”

    But I am about to contradict my own edict, because, I confess, much of your work I simply don’t understand. I do understand the direction you are coming from, but don’t really understand the direction that you are going.

    So may I humbly ask you …. when you say ‘my body lives as a threat’ what do you mean? The inference seems to be that your body lives as a seperate entity to ‘you’. It would imply that your body is like some sort of inconvenient appendage. Who or what is it a threat to? To ‘you’ I assume. Is it that your body’s mortality poses a threat to your own existence, or that it’s functional necessities impose limitations on your own reality?

    That you reside in a female body, I assume, is central to the issue (mine came off the production line in the factory next door), but I remain unsure why, as such, it imposes a ‘threat’.

    So could I impose upon you to provide some clarification? When you say, ‘my body lives as a threat’, what do you actually mean?


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