Poetry Included in 2021 Central PA Theatre & Dance Festival as part of dance performance by VanDance Inc.


I’m excited to share the news that one of my sonnet poems that earlier got published in the Poetry Society of New York, as part of their “May Day Poets 2020” has been included in a dance performance produced by PA based, dance company, VanDance Inc.  The dance performance was later part of the 2021 Central PA Theater & Dance Festival closing performance. The choreography was done by  Ann Van Kuren of  Van Dance Inc and the music was provided by Cathy Collinge Herrera.

Cynthia Mazzant gave the voice to my poem during the performance. The performance based on my poem starts at the time mark : 8:12


Immensely thankful to Ann Van Kuren for selecting the poem and turning it into a beautiful dance performance. This amalgamation of various art forms is the true essence of the artistic collaboration in a creative community.

About Van Dance Inc/ Ann Van Kuren:

Ann Van Kuren is a dancer-choreographer in State College, PA, and am currently preparing a May 2021 site-specific dance/film event. Ann Van Kuren holds a BA in dance and mathematics from Butler University and a master’s degree in dance performance and choreography from the Ohio State University. She creates, commissions, and presents original dance works and programs through her modern dance repertory company, VanDance, Inc. She danced with the Pennsylvania Dance Theatre from 1988 to 2001, serving as the company’s artistic director, and has also danced with New World Dance Theatre in New York City and Fleet Street Contemporary Dance Company of Louisville.

 Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood



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