Book Talk with Waheeda Hussain on Feb 17,2022 10:30AM EST/9pm IST #BookTour #MyBodyLivesLikeaThreat #poetry


I’m excited to have a  book discussion about my debut full length poetry collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat” by Flowersong Press, with esteemed poet and blogger ,Waheeda Hussain. The show will be streamlined on  Neelam Saxena Facebook Page.

Please join us. Details are in the flyer above.

Link to order the book:

About Waheeda Hussain:

Waheeda Hussain is a blogger and an upcoming poet from Jabalpur, India. She is a Senior School teacher by profession and has a passion for writing short stories. Her experience of teaching in school spans over twenty-one years. Her dream of social justice and equality for women reflects strongly in her poetries.She also believes that literature can play an important role in bringing awareness on issues like Domestic Violence and Female Foeticide. She is also very active on different social media platforms. She has co-authored two anthologies and her poems have been published in many ezines.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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