Poetry Published in the Burrow Journal


I’m thrilled to be part of the current edition of the “Burrow” journal managed and edited by Phillip Hall and Rhiannon Hall.The current edition of the journal higlightes the them of “gifting” and how the human emotions are weaved around it. I’m happy to see that my poem “Ingredients for Happiness” is a part of this edition.

You can read the whole journal here and can read my complete poem here.

About Burrow Journal:

Burrow is an e-journal published twice yearly. We publish poetry (& other micro-texts) that explore what it is to live with good or poor mental health.

We are especially interested in where self-care intersects with such priorities as: ecopoetics, postcolonialism, ekphrasis, progressive religion & secularism. We are an inclusive journal that welcomes established poets though we do have a special focus on publishing new & emerging voices (both old & young). You can know more about the journal and the submission call for their next edition here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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