Featured Poet on the CAPS ( Calling All Poets Series) on Friday 04, 2020 at 7pm hosted by Mike Jurkovic


I’m thrilled to be a featured poet on the CAPS ( Calling All Poets Series) by Mike Jurkovic on Friday 04, 2022, 7pm. I’m honored to share the space with fellow poets Paul Rabinowitz and Amanda Russell. I will be reading my works from my new published full length poetry collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat” by FlowerSong Press. You can order your copy  at FlowerSong Press  or at Amazon. Come join us.

Below are the registration details for featured poets and Open mic.

Register for the Zoom at www.callingallpoets.net
Note : Virtual doors open at 6:30pm. Two poem open mic follows our features.
About CAPS Series:

Since our first open mic twenty years ago, Calling All Poets’ only goal has been community outreach and providing that community an open and democratic stage. To that end, CAPS has been hugely successful.

But other wonderful things have happened along the way, fulfilling CAPS larger vision. Its perseverance and duration have made it the longest running poetry series and the most diverse and dynamic in the Hudson Valley. CAPS has become what its founder, Beacon poet Jim Eve, and fellow poet Mike Jurkovic envisioned: a poetry hub, an expansive network connecting poets from New York, Long Island, Woodstock, Albany, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Early in 2015, with the addition of technologically adept poets Glenn Werner and Beacon’s first Poet Laureate, Larry Sansone, CAPS urban and rural outreach includes the global community, streaming our events live and streaming in poets for live readings from all over NYS, as well as Arizona, Colorado, California, Slovenia, and North Carolina. You can read more here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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