Poetry Reading as Featured poet at the Stone Soup Poetry

It was a moment of honor and pleasure to be the first #feature of the 20-year-old Stone Soup Poetry for the year 2022. Extremely thankful to Chad Parenteau for giving me the space and the platform.

Also, thankful to Mark Lipman, Editor of Vagabond Press, for joining us yesterday and hearing me read one of my poems “Bullhorn” from the anthology “ReImagine America” by Vagabond Press

Please take time to watch the video where I’m reading poems from my chapbook ” My Body is Not an Apology” by Finishing Line Press and from my full-length collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat” by Flowersong Press

4 thoughts on “Poetry Reading as Featured poet at the Stone Soup Poetry

  1. Megha:

    Congratulations! I too have a book of poetry this year with Finishing Line Press “Touch My Head Softly.” You are prolific!


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