Poetry Shortlisted in Oprelle’s “2021 Matter” Anthology Poetry Contest!

I’m thrilled to share that my poem “Dead Constellation” has been shortlisted in the Shortlisted in Oprelle’s “2021 Matter” Anthology Poetry Contest!. The poem is going to be published in the 2021 Operelle Matter Edition.

The annoucement came with kind words from the editor Brooke and Team Oprelle

Your poem, Dead Constellation, was one of our very best. You are soon to be published for the first time, or possibly in yet another great book, “Matter – 2021 Edition.” This is quite an incredible honor, considering the competition was particularly intense this year. Your poem will keep company with many fantastic works from poets all over the globe.

We really enjoyed the intellect and the depth of emotion in your writing. For most I share my favorite line….finding yours was difficult because I love all of them. My favorites were

“This city weeps. This city wails. The lullaby in the nights has now been replaced by the rattling of the black bones now forming the catacombs of the dead and the forgotten. A frail skeleton of this dying city.”

This poem will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for submitting this.

Also, the “Matter – 2021 Edition” is sure to be popular and highly regarded. An artist was commissioned to create a cover that looks like modern art, and a formatter is hard at work already. Oprelle Publications is working hard to get a paperback available by April/May of 2022. Words do matter. You matter. Thank You for your valuable contribution, and congratulations again!

All the Best,

Brooke and Team Oprelle

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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