Advance Praise for my debut Full-length Poetry Collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat, FlowerSong Press” by Lucinda J Clark


In the series of promoting my #debut #fulllength #poetrycollection “My Body Lives Like a Threat”” by FlowerSong Press, today I’m proud to share this blurb by my brilliant friend and founder of Poetry Matters Project, Lucinda J Clark.

Lucinda J. Clark is the founder of the Poetry Matters Project. She has worked with visual artists and authors on the protection, promotion and marketing of their creative works for over 25 years. She is a contributing poet of the View from The Middle of The Road Series of which there are now five editions.  She has also worked with poets ranging from middle schoolers to seniors on a series of anthologies, from these efforts she has published four anthologies with another set for end of this year. Clark is a  board member of the Augusta Authors Club,  American Academy of Poets, and the Georgia Poetry Society,

Through her work in publishing , P.R.A. Publishing, she is a member of  Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Poet’s House and the Woman’s National Book Association (WNBA-D.C. Chapter). She has been a judge for Ben Franklin Awards, South Carolina Arts Commission, Fellowship selection panelist, 2020, Poetry Matters Lit Prize and Laws of Life Essay Contest.

My Body Lives Like a Threat by Megha Sood is a collection of poetry that speaks to the feeling(s) of many people living all over the world. Depending on the country, culture, race or religious orientation of the reader the title says it all. No explanation is required.

Read these poems and feel what life may be like for someone who is Not you.

Lucinda J Clark, Founder Poetry Matters Project

My debut full length is currently open for pre-orders at FlowerSong Press. 

A BIG Thanks to those two who ordered the book and those who wish to purchase a copy here is the link–>


Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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