Poetry and CNF to be published in the anthology “Black Fire-This Time” by Willow Books

BlackFireThisTimeI’m absolutetly thrilled and honored to be part of the upcoming anthology “Black Fire-This Time” curated and edited by Kim Mcmillon and co-edited by Kofi Antwi. The anthology is due to publication in Feb 2022 by Willow Books. I’m beyond grateful to Kim Mcmillon for giving me this opportunity to share my work amongst the stalwarts of creative community. My poem “ Peace – A Metaphor for Denial” ( National Winner of 2020 Poetry Matters Project) and “CNF  “Dont Wait Till you become a Hashtag” is going to be part of this anthology.

Black Fire: This Time will pay homage to the anthology Black Fire, edited by Amiri Baraka and Larry Neal. Black Fire, published in 1968, is considered the defining work of the Black Arts Movement and was rooted in Black self-determination and Black Power. “Black is Beautiful” rose out of the Black Arts Movement, and this collection will explore its timeless power.

Black Fire: This Time will contain works spanning nearly 60 years representing numerous poets, writers and literary estates including (in no particular order): Amiri Baraka , Amina Baraka , Haki Madhubuti , Sonia Sanchez, James Baldwin, Eugene Redmond, Gwendolyn Brooks, E. Ethelbert Miller, Kalamu ya Salaam, Everett Hoagland, Nikki Giovanni, Ismael Reed, Henry Dumas, Dudley Randall, Aishah Rahman, devorah major and many more

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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