Poetry Published in the Usawa Literary Review

I’m happy to share that two poems of mine have been published in the December Edition of the Usawa Literary Review based on the theme “Magna Carta”. I’m thankful to Poetry Editor, Vinita Agrawal  for supporting my work and accepting my two poems. The poems ” The Day the Town Celebrated”  and “The Burden We Are Passing on” have been republished in the journal. The poems are upcoming in my debut full length poetry collectionMy Body Lives Like a Threat”, FlowerSong Press coming out in December 2021.

You can read the two poems here.

About The Usawa Literary Review

Usawa in Swahili means equality. The Usawa Literary Review is a bi-annual English language literary magazine dedicated to feminist literature and writings by and about underrepresented communities. We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews and interviews that question hierarchies, hegemonies and naturalized biases.There are many feminisms – we live and learn. In the face of discrimination and violence based on gender, sexuality, colour, caste, religion, class… we believe in the persuasive humility of artistic expression, and carry writing that responds to the inherent violence of inequality.Based out of Mumbai, India, Usawa is a part of an ongoing global movement toward a more equitable world.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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