Poetry Accepted for the “Twin Towers, Twin Decades” Anthology by Local Gems Press


I’m excited to share that my poem “Smokescreen” has been accepted for the anthology “Twin Towers, Twin Decades” by the Local Gems Press.The anthology has been curated by the National Beat Poet Laureate and founder of the Local Gems Press, NY, James P Wagner.

James P. Wagner (Ishwa) is an editor, publisher, award-winning fiction writer, essayist, historian performance poet, and alum twice over (BA & MALS) of Dowling College. He is the publisher for Local Gems Poetry Press and the Senior Founder and President of the Bards Initiative. He is also the founder and Grand Laureate of Bards Against Hunger, a series of poetry readings and anthologies dedicated to gathering food for local pantries that operates in over a dozen states. His most recent individual collection of poetry is Everyday Alchemy. He was the Long Island, NY National Beat Poet Laureate from 2017-2019. He was the Walt Whitman Bicentennial Conven-tion Chairman and teaches poetry workshops at the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site. James has edited over 60 poetry anthologies and hosted book launch events up and down the East Coast.

The anthology is curated to mark the 20th anniversary of the attack at the Twin Towers in NYC.

Looking forward to its publication.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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