Advance Praise for my poetry chapbook “My Body Is Not an Apology” by Juliette Van der Molen


In the series of promoting my #chapbook “My Body Is Not an Apology” by Finishing Line Press, today I’m proud to share this blurb by brilliant artist, poet, editor and my co-editor of the “The Medusa Project”, Juliette Van der Molen.

Megha Sood’s “My Body is Not an Apology” is a powerful debut with poetry that contains multitudes. These poems are fierce and unapologetic as they explore the toxic culture around gender-based discrimination and reproductive rights. Sood crafts with cutting precision as we read about personal experience and the influence of these issues in the wider world. Far from a desperate cry of the disenfranchised, these poems raise a fist and demand to be heard from a position of strength. Woven in and around every poem is the question that asks: what would life be like if we could change this? This book is a clarion call to eradicating gender-based injustice. It is also a book full of hope and empowerment.
–Juliette van der Molen, Poet, Writer,Feminist

My Chapbook is currently open for pre-orders at the Finishing Line Press. Any order placed before August 06, 2021, will be added to my press run that determines my author royalty.

A BIG Thanks to those two who ordered the chapbook and those who wish to purchase a copy here is the link–>

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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