Featured writer on the London/Berlin Ekphrastic Journal Visual Verse July 2021


I’m extremely honored to be chosen as one of the featured writer for this month for the London/Berlin based Ekphrastic Journal Visual Verse. An Ekphrastic Journal that I have reached out for inspiration every month for the last two years  and still do. Their visually intriguing images have been creative triggers for many writers of the lit community.

This month image has been contributed by María Victoria Rodriguez., an Argentinian artist and animator living in Berlin, created this artwork for a small artisan food business in Shropshire, UK, called Pueblo. They sell handmade foods from South America and bring a taste for empanadas to their local British community. It’s these small, independent initiatives that bind us and keep the spirit alive. 

Our first piece is by Carl Burkitt, who likes to tell tales. He tells long tales, short tales, silly tales and sad tales. He likes to tell them online, behind a mic, in books, in schools or on the sofa with his young family in Manchester. His debut collection What Does A Baby Think It Is? And Other Questions was published in 2020 by Enthusiastic Press.

Page two features Megha Sood, an award-winning poet, editor, author and blogger from New Jersey, USA. She is the recipient of the 2021 Poet Fellowship from MVICW (Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creating Writing) and a National Level Winner for the 2020 Spring Mahogany Prize. Sood is an Associate Poetry Editor for literary journals Mookychick (UK) and Life and Legends (USA), and is Literary Partner with Life in Quarantine, Stanford University. She has authored a chapbook My Body is Not an Apology (Finishing Line Press, 2021) and a full-length work My Body Lives Like a Threat (FlowerSongPress, 2021). 

Here is the link to my poem ” Ingredients for Happiness”

Our third piece comes from New York City resident Kerfe Roig, who enjoys transforming words and images into something new. Follow her explorations on her blogs methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/ (which she does with her friend Nina) and kblog.blog/. You can read more of her work on her website.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood


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