Life and Legends Issue 10 is LIVE!!!


Amazingly proud to bring my offering of Life and Legends Issue 10 as an #AssociateEditor. Proud and thrilled to have worked alongside my brilliant team of EIC Kalpna Singh-Chitnis and fellow editor Lopa Banerjee . Really thankful to Nirvan Chitnis for his hard work in putting the journal together and bringing this gorgeous journal to fruition.

Life and Legends: A Silent River Film and Literary Society’s Non Profit Journal

Thankful to the amazingly talented contributors of the journal for trusting us with your work and supporting the journal. Do spread the word!!

You can read the Tenth Edition of the Journal and all the previous editions online here.

Come read what the journal Tenth edition has to offer in the words of EIC Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

“The Tenth Edition of Life and Legends is a team effort and a labor of love. I want to thank our new team members, Lopa Banerjee and Megha Sood, for diligently working side by side with me to pick the finest pieces of prose and poetry, and Nirvan Chitnis for presenting everything elegantly on our website. I also want to extend our gratitude to all writers and poets for their valuable contributions.
The latest edition of Life and Legends is different from our previous issues, and we invite you to explore the surprises. However, we want to highlight a few things you would love to find out. First, with the tenth edition, we mark the seventh anniversary of Life and Legends. Second, we have brought more fiction and non-fiction to our readers. Third, we have added two new features – “Poem-A-Week,” and “Destinations” to our journal. Poem-A-Week will spotlight an outstanding poem of the authors we have published in Life and Legends, and Destinations will create room for travel essays.
However, we regret not bringing the translations of contemporary international poetry to our readers for the first time. We realize the absence of quality translations and hope to address the challenges we face to stay committed to our mission of publishing international literature.
Although we take pride in everything we publish in our journal, we want the readers not to miss out on the special features we bring. We hope you enjoy reading them and let us know how else we can meet your expectations and improve your reading experiences.
The next submission period of Life and Legends will open on August 1st, 2021. You may Like and Follow Life and Legends on social media for frequent updates and to share more onward.
Let’s stay healthy, happy, and creative for a better tomorrow.”
Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
June 15th, 2021.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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