Featured Poet on the 1 year anniversary of When People Speak, May 25, 2021


I’m honored to be selected as the featured poet celebrating the one year anniversary of the “When People Speak” curated by Ameerah Shabazz Bilal and James Ellerbe. So honored to share the space with Paterson Poet Laureate, Talena Lachelle Queen, Sage Gallon and Star Angel. James Ellerbe is the founder of  Not Enough Words (2014) and NJ PoetryEvents.com

Recently his work is featured in the anthology On the Verge: Poets of the Palisades III published by The Poet’s Press (2020). He has also conducted workshops on writing poetry and self-publishing for students and future authors and is the founder of www.NJPoetryEvents.com –a central hub for poetry events, festivals, and workshops in NJ. His creed is to help people “Find a way with words.”. You can know about him here.

Join us Tuesday as I feature for the 1st time for Ameerah Shabazz-Bilal and I’s #WhenPeopleSpeak virtual 1 Year Anniversary Show! Yep, it has been I year! We have a dynamic roster of pop up poets for you as well that you don’t want to miss! Pull up live on my Facebook Page and hear the poetry and conversation! Check out previous show by clicking the link in my profile. Pop-Up Poets: Talena Lachelle QueenSage GallonMegha Sood, and Star Angel

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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