Poetry as part of the Art Exhibition Group Show “The Women” by Walk_Bye to be placed at City Hall, Jersey City, New Jersey

I’m thrilled to be part of the “Walk_Bye” event curated by Catalina  Aranguren in association with Jersey City Public Library. My poem will be printed in the vinyl and will be hung outside the City Hall in Jersey City.

Here is the link to my artist profile on the Walk _Bye Website

Motivated by the current pandemic lock down, Walk_Bye was created as a way to bring art to friends and neighbors while also providing an outlet for artists to create during this time of isolation. My poem will be part of the art show called ” Woman Show” showcasing the creative arts by the female artist of the Jersey City,New Jersey.

About the Exhibit : The Women

The Women Group Show is inspired by the Women History Month. The concept is to get pieces with feminine energy by local artist that identify as women. The Women” is an exhibit that council women @miramira4 and council President @joycewatterman requested Walk Bye founder @caranguren put together. The invitation yielded 43 local artists that identify as female to present pieces that embody powerful feminine energy.

The exhibit, to be placed at City Hall, includes a Spotify playlist created by the artists and the founder. Check out the playlist, and start getting in on the grooves at: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3gQtXVHkg8UxGuAeA7kHF3…

Icon was created by @caranguren using submissions by @mrwpan @lucyrovetto @dezannathalie_artist @amanda_altmann_mcgee_art @janhulingbeads

Happy Poetry Month!!

Megha Sood

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