Poetry Reading at the historical Nuyorican Cafe, NYC for “When Women Speak” event on April 10,2021



Nuyorican poetsCafe

I’m elated to share the news at the start of the National Poetry Month 2021 that I will be one of the featured poets in the upcoming poetry reading the at the historical Nuyorican Cafe , NYC as part of the “When Women Speak” event curated and managed by the brilliant and talented poet Ameerah Shabazz Bilal. The event is scheduled to be live streamed on April 10, 2021 at 7pm EST 

Hosted by Ameerah Shabazz-Bilal.

Featuring: Stephanie Conley, Elu Catori, Dr. Antoinette Ellis-William, Megha Sood, Nzima S. Hutching, Kiare Marie, Mariah Ayscue, Mariah Ayscue, Mwikali Words, Kali_The_Poet, and guest co-host, Dr. Helena D. Lewis.

To RSVP about the event please click here.

The Nuyorican presents groundbreaking works of literature, music, theater, performance art, poetry slam, Hip-Hop, visual art and champions established as well as rising artists from every background imaginable for ALL AGES. 

Over the last 40 years, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe has served as a home for groundbreaking works of poetry, music, theater and visual arts. A multicultural and multi-arts institution, the Cafe gives voice to a diverse group of rising poets, actors, filmmakers and musicians. The Cafe champions the use of poetry, jazz, theater, hip-hop and spoken word as means of social empowerment for minority and underprivileged artists. Our community of spectators, artists and students is a reflection of New York City’s diverse population; To know about this legendary cafe click here.

Happy National Poetry Month!!

Megha Sood

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