Featured as Slam Poetry Judge for the NSS (Indian Institute of Technology) IIT-Delhi Annual Fest Kaizen ’21


I’m extremely elated to share this news that I have been invited to co-judge this year Poetry Slam competition called “Share to Soothe” at the NSS IIT-Delhi Annual Social Fest Kaizen ’21 (2-4 April, 2021) I’m really thankful to Arjita Singh and the entire team at the IIT-D for giving me this opportunity. This year the annual fest will happen virtually. The virtual poetry competition will happen on 4th April 2021 from 9:30 am – 11:30 am EST ( 7 pm – 9 pm IST). I will co-judging the vent with Abhijit Khandkar.

Join the event through nss.iitd.ac.in/l/slam 

Judges for Kaizen’s slam poetry event “Share to Soothe” – Megha Sood and Abhijit Khandkar.

Megha Sood is a Pushcart-nominated, Award-winning Poet, Editor, and Author from New Jersey. She is a Poetry Editor for UK-based Arts and Literary Journal MookyChick, and California-based Life and Legends. She is also a Literary Partner in the project “Life in Quarantine” with Stanford University, USA. Her 600+ works have been widely featured in newspapers, podcasts, and literary journals all across the globe including Poetry Society of New York, WYNC, American Writers Review, and many more. Her awards include National Level Winner of Spring Mahogany Literary Prize 2020, Three-Time State-level winner of the NJ Poetry Contest, Nominated “Author of the year” by NY-based Spillwords Press, Adelaide Literary Awards, and many more. She is the author of the Poetry Blog ” Megha’s world” and tweets at @meghasood16.

Dr. Abhijit S. Khandkar is an Ambedkarite, a medical doctor by profession and a poet by calling. His work has been featured in The Bombay Literary Magazine, Fashihi magazine, Charles River Journal amongst others. He is part of The Rhyme Republic, a collective for promoting poetry and dissent art, literature. He was once told, his poetry has the raw taste of earth in its mouth. He believes so.He is currently working to build an exclusive space for promoting artists and writers from Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi marginalised communities.

NSS IIT Delhi is the IIT Delhi chapter of the National Service Scheme, institutionalized under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India. Their sole aim is to motivate students at IITD to indulge in nation building activities through various events and projects which are aimed towards the benefit of people in and around IIT Delhi. They share the belief that such activities are almost always means of great satisfaction and joy.

NSS IIT Delhi seeks to reach and inspire thousands of citizens through multifaceted activities aimed at spreading awareness and sharing knowledge while also providing an unforgettable experience. It consists of activities ranging from guest lectures and workshops to thrilling competitions.

Kaizen, the annual social festival of NSS IIT Delhi is a platform to recognize the continuous improvements in our society initiated and accelerated by the combined efforts of all socially motivated student bodies and NGOs across India and abroad. Interaction and opinion sharing is the prime focal point of Kaizen. It aims at providing a single platform for exchange of a plethora of ideologies, stories & experiences of people who stood up against the tides and sailed through them, so that any idea or solution implemented at one place can also become success model for others.

The first ever online edition of Kaizen will happen from 2nd April to 4th April, 2021.

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Looking forward to the event!!

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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