“Changing the Face of Poetry ” event on the #WorldPoetryDay2021 on March 21,2021


I’m so honored to see my poem read by the UK based award winning songwriter and singer Tally Koren for the event ” Changing the Face of Poetry” on the occasion of World Poetry day. The event was live streamed on Facebook , YouTube and Instagram. Tally even composed a few verses of my poem “Survival is an Art” into a song and its was utterly beautiful and mesmerizing.

Tally Koren is the Fringe Award winner for Best Singer – Songwriter and was playlisted on BBC Radio 2.Her music has been played by Chris Evans, Janice Long, Steve Wright and was on the Graham Norton ‘highlights of the year 2011 show’. She featured on the Aled Jones’ Good Morning Sunday Show and on the Virgin Media TV playlist.Tally has regularly performed at many of London’s top venues and at events such as the Houses of Parliament, Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, The Marbella International Film Festival and the celebration of William Blake at the Tate Britian.

You can watch her read the poem from her composition and other poets here. My poem begins at the time mark 1:13:56

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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