Press release and e-book publication for the community poem “Just Breathe” curated by the JC Poet Laureate Rashad Wright and Arts House Production

It’s the one-year anniversary of this special event. The making of the community-sourced visual collage called ” Just Breathe” curated and produced by the Former JC Poet Laureate Rashad Wright and ARTS House Productions. Featuring the 46 poets of the Jersey City community along with Mayor Stephen Fulop and other councilmen and councilwomen.

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I’m so excited to share the news that the recent community poem which I was featured in alongside 46 other talented poets of the Jersey City community which was curated by the JC Poet Laureate Rashand Wright feature councilman/woman of the JC along with the JC Mayor Stephen Fulop has been published as an ebook.

Over the last three months, Art House Productions has created a Jersey City Community Poem Project in which poets from across the state submitted poems and lines on the theme of “Life in the Pandemic and Beyond: Quarantine, Devastation, and Hope for the Future.”After receiving submissions from 42 talented poets, Jersey City Poet Laureate Rashad Wright curated the original, crowd-sourced poem titled “Just Breathe” using lines and excerpts from each submission.

It also sought video submissions from community members performing the original work. Fifty-seven performers responded, including Jersey City officials, local artists, and many…

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