Poetry Selected for upcoming event by Jersey City Theater Centre : The Box:Reinvention on Feb 19, 2021 at 7 pm


I’m excited to be part of the upcoming event “THE BOX: Reinvention” by Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) moderated and hosted by Jersey City Poet Laureate Susan Justiano AKA Rescue Poetix and Artist/Singer/Song Writer Ariel Guidry. The event will presented live via ZOOM on February 19@7:00PM, 2021.

About the event
To support this event, you can make a contribution through the ticket link. Thank you for your generous support to the Jersey City Theater Center!
The Box: Reinvention Lineup

Poetry/ Spoken Word: Gabby Creery, Crystal Davis (one with Ariel), Esther Pagan, Megha Sood, Tameka Bordeaux, Andrea Barriffe, and Ibn Sharif Shakoor

Visual Art: Crystal Davis, Esther Pagan, Cecilia Martinez, Janhavi Fire, K Brown, Lorenzo the Artist, Kati Vilim, and Ekaterina Abramova

Music: **Ibn & Lorenzo, Gary Van Miert, and Jack Halpin

Other Perf: Dance /Performance Art/ Animation: Charly Santagado, Heather Williams, Nancy Mendez-Booth, Samantha Benvissuto, Alon Nechushtan & Wendy Osserman, and Frank Ippolito

The BOX will be an online Zoom production. Jersey City Poet Laureate Susan Justiano and artist/singer/song-writer Ariel Guidry are co-curating The BOX: Reinvention. The Box was conceived as an event to serve Jersey City’s extraordinary and diverse community of artists and audiences. The artists represent nearly every facet of creative expression such as theater, music, dance, poetry, spoken word, visual arts, film, and other multidisciplinary mediums. Every Box production is an intersection of a thought provoking theme and social justice.

How do we describe and define the present times? What has changed? Who are you today? What habits were a part of your life that are no longer sustainable? What are your new habits? How have your views on social justice, climate change, politics changed during these times? What is your idea of reinvention? What rebirth have you experienced?

“During the pandemic we have faced extraordinary challenges. Yet, this moment in time seems to be reminding us to pause, reflect, and maybe reinvent ourselves,” said Olga Levina, Artistic Director at Jersey City Theater Center. “It is a time of shift and renewal. Doing more isn’t always better. To heal and grow we must slow down. Let’s honor that process together as one community through the arts,” said Levina.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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