List of Publications/Events/Book Launch/Interviews for the month of January 2021

The New year brought me hope in more ways than one. Not only it brought the end of the presidency of a mendacious president but also brought hope in the face of the new administration and a dawn of new possibilities with the appointment of the first-ever woman of color for the second-highest position in the office.

January also brought me abundant joy in the completion and the release of The Kali Project, the much-awaited and powerful anthology published by Indie Blue Press. I had an amazing learning experience working along with the best team and could not be more grateful to them for giving me such an excellent opportunity to show my editorial skills and for believing in my work. Candice Daquin is one of the most gifted and kind individuals I have worked with.

In addition to the book launch and certain other events, I also got nominated by the NY-based Press, Spillwords as the “Author of the Year” for its Spillwords Press Awards 2021.

The other news worth mentioning is the inclusion of my poem “Mother of the Forest” in the anthology “Earth: A Place worth fighting for” curated by the Poets Laureate of Staffordshire, UK.  In addition to this, the title was also suggested by me and was accepted as the anthology title. I’m looking forward to the book launch on Feb 17, 2021.

 To wrap the news, I was also selected as Spotlight poet in the anthology “Poets of the 2020” curated by David O Nan of the Fever of the Mind Press. I’m honored and humbled to share the space with the brilliant voices of the lit community.

To top all the news, I also started as an Associate Editor for the “Life and Legends” Literary Journal.

Here’s to looking forward to great productive and joyous year.

 Following is the list of my publications/radio shows/events for the month of January 2021.

1. Poetry Reading Event at the MoonStone Arts, Philadelphia, USA
2. Nominated as “Author of the Year 2021” by Spillwords Press, 2021
3. Poetry Published Poets of 2020, Fever of Mind Anthology Press
4. Life in Quarantine Project presented in Global Education Forum 2020
5 Review of the “The Kali Project” by Dr. Anita Nahal
6. Publication and release of the anthology “The Kali Project”
7. Spectrum Publication, Theme: Sex, California
 8. Media Mention of “The Kali Project” by Dr. Belinda Roman
 9. Visual Verse, London/Berlin
10. Features as Time of the Republic Poet on MIOMBO Publishing
11. Book cover for the TLOP, “Sounds of Peace” World Biggest Anthology”
12. Featured as Guest Speaker in book launch “The Red Diary” by Neelam Saxena Chandra
13. LiteHouse Journal
14. The Woman Inc ( Spring Edition)
15. Staffordshire Arts Poetry festival Poetry Anthology curated by Mel Wardle Woodend
16. International Writers Journal no 4, Oct-Dec 2020
17. Poetry included in the University High School Indiana, Summer Reading Curriculum
18.  SETU Magazine, Decemeber edition, PIttsberg, USA
19. Paws healing the Earth Anthology by River Paw Press, 2021
Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

6 thoughts on “List of Publications/Events/Book Launch/Interviews for the month of January 2021

      1. Hope you are safe from the snow and Covid-19, Dear! I’ve been seeing the news and worried about you and yours!! I’m doing well, got the vaccine about 10 days ago. Waiting for the 2nd shot on the 18th! You have been so busy, Girl!! So thrilled about all your success! Yeah
        xoxox 😘💕💖🌹


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