Poetry Published as Spotlight Poet in the Fever of Mind Anthology “Poets of 2020”


It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be featured in this annual anthology “Poets of 2020” curated by the EIC of Fever of the Mind Press David O Nan. I’m really excited to see my five poems making the cut and also being featured as the Spotlight Poet in this monster of an anthology featuring the brilliant and the brightest poetic voices of 2020.

Poets of 2020 is a monster of anthology spanning 300+ pages and featuring the best of the poets of 2020 across the globe. I’m extremely blessed and honored to share the space with some of of the best poetic voices including and not limited to Ankh Spice, Matthew Smith, Susan Richardson, Damien Donnelly, Hilesha O nan, David O Nan, Kushal Poddar, Robert Frede Kenter, Moira J Saucer, David Hanlon, Kristin Garth, Mela Blust, Paul Brookes, Kari Flickinger, Jenny Mitchell, Z.D.Dicks, Rachel Ikins, Steve Denehan, Peter Hague, C.E.Haydon, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Merill Smith, Lucy Whitehead, Linda M Crate, and many more.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood


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