Poetry Workshop for an elementary school at Jersey City, New Jersey on Tuesday Dec 15,2020

It was an absolute joy and pleasure to conduct my maiden poetry workshop for my son’s elementary class this Tuesday on December 15, 2020. Poetry was one of the concepts they were learning this week and they invited me as a guest speaker for the same.

I had a fun time interacting with kids for an entire duration of 90 minutes and as part of the workshop they ended up creating the acrostic poems.We had a fun time learning about the origin of the word poet and the origins of poetry and its various forms.They were thrilled to know about current US Poet Laureate ad the National Poetry Month.

Children are beautiful messengers of love, joy, and happiness and I was blown away by their creative excellence. They all managed to create beautiful, meaningful, and profound acrostic poems in a duration of 15 minutes.

I’m sharing few shapshots of it as published in the school newsletter.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

4 thoughts on “Poetry Workshop for an elementary school at Jersey City, New Jersey on Tuesday Dec 15,2020

  1. Congratulations! Wow! So cool. I got my love for poetry from my Senior English Teacher!!
    Here is something that is easy to teach, if you get another chance. Teach them about how to write Elfchens.
    Very easy, short, fun but can be so moving!


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