Poetry published in SONKU “Family Legacies” , Temple University, Philadelphia


I’m so honored to be part of the “Family Legacies” Vol 2 2020 Edition of the esteemed SONKU Collective. I’m also thankful to the EIC Taylar Enlow and the team for featuring my three poems, “We All Rise out of Love”, “A True Masterpiece”, “A Safe Haven” in the “Family Legacies” edition. The poems are published on Page 35 of pdf published online.

You can purchase the copy here. The magazine has been published through Philadelphia Printworks!!

SONKU Literary Magazine is a publication curated with the intention of celebrating the work of Black and POC writers and artists. The magazine is annually published and follows the calendar of the collegiate year. Volume II of the literary magazine features 35 amazing Black, Indigenous, and POC writers and visual artists.

SONKU Collective is a creative and collective space for Black and POC artists, which sits at the intersections of collective based art and holistic healing. The name of the organization was chosen in praise of Sonia Sanchez, to honor her significant impact on the Black artistic community as well as the Temple University community.

The word “SONKU” originates from Sanchez’s personal adaptation of the haiku form, to represent to the intention of helping writers develop their own creative identities and style.

Dr. Sonia Sanchez is a Black female writer, poet, activist, and teacher. She has written over a dozen books of poetry, short stories, critical essays, plays, and children’s books. Born in Birmingham Alabama in 1934, Sanchez later became known as one of the trailblazing voices of The Black Arts Movement. Later, after moving to Philadelphia, she became the first Presidential Fellow at Temple University, where she began working in 1977. There, she held the Laura Carnell chair until her retirement in 1999.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood

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