US Presidential Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco’s work published in the “Life In Quarantine” project by Stanford University, USA.

I’m beyond excited to share we are honored to showcase the work of the US Presidential Inaugural poet, Richard’s Blanco on the “Life in Quarantine” project by the CESTA, Stanford University website. I’m am extremely grateful to his team for their support and belief in our project.

Richard Blanco was selected by President Barack Obama in 2013 to be the fifth U.S. Inaugural Poet. Blanco is the youngest, the first Latino, immigrant, and gay person to be chosen for this great honor. Born in Madrid, Spain, to Cuban exile parents and raised in Miami, FL, cultural identity characterizes his many collections of award-winning poetry, including his most recent, HOW TO LOVE A COUNTRY, and his memoir THE PRINCE OF LOS COCUYOS: A MIAMI CHILDHOOD. Blanco is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, has received numerous honorary doctorates, serves as Education Ambassador for The Academy of American Poets, and is an Associate Professor at FIU.

The poem” Say Isn’t the End” has been previously published in Atlantic, June 2020, and now has been added to the LIQ Project Archive as part of the “Words in Quarantine section of the website. You can read the poem here.

Till date,  we are able to curate and showcase the work of many poet laureates and other esteemed writers of literary community across the globe.

Immensely grateful for everyone who supported the project.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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