Indie Blu(e) Publishing Partners with The Kali Project

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

The Kali Project was conceived by indie writers and editors Candice Louisa Daquin and Megha Sood. A dear friend starting a feminist micro press was intrigued and suggested that The Kali Project serve as their inaugural publication. Everyone involved has been deeply moved by the support and enthusiasm the project has received, as well as by the volume of submissions.

The Kali Project has become a much more involved and wonderful project than we anticipated, and it has become clear to all involved that it needs a publishing partner with more experience publishing large, worldwide anthologies.

We are pleased to announce that Indie Blu(e) Publishing has assumed the role as The Kali Project’s publisher. Candice, a founding editor at Indie Blu(e), knows their ability to manage the volume of details of such a project and to produce high quality anthologies, such as We Will Not Be Silenced, SMITTEN This Is…

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