The Uprising


In response to the Tuesday Prompt Challenge at the GoDogGO cafe

Today’s prompt: write a poem using the phrase “the thunder within”


The calm and serenity of my demeanor

is a facade for those hunger laced eyes 


who like scavengers are circling me 

poking me to get a rise out of me.


Their indifference towards me  

Their sharp razor words are slicing and shredding me 


Indolent words laced with blatant ignorance 

that not all hearts are sliced the same way.


Our hunger speaks in different ways and languages 

not known to everyone. Not aware of this, they keep poking  


& my anger rises like a steaming kettle till I scream 

like a whistling pot failing to keep my thunder within.

–Megha Sood





Photo by Kowit Phothisan on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “The Uprising

    1. You can sart with sending poems to Indian Periodicals, Spillwords etc. and start looking for journal where you fav writers gets published .If their writing style is similar ot yours you can apply to that journal. It all about reading the prev pub content and similarity with your writing style.


  1. Wow, Megha this is such a powerful and moving piece!!! Especially loved your lines:
    Their sharp razor words are slicing and shredding me!!
    I’m adding “razor sharp words” to my word bank!!! Awesome description of the power of words!! Brilliant, My Dear!! Bellissimo, Megha, Bellissimo!

    Liked by 1 person

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