Project “Life in Quarantine” mentioned in The Stanford Daily newspaper


Come read the interview of the three lead project managers
Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo.Farah Bazzi Ellis Schriefer of the “Life in Quarantine” project as they were interviewed by The Stanford Daily describing how the historical archive of various narratives spanning the common person, to artists, to doctors, to prisoners have infused a sense of international connectedness to the project.

How the anonymity of the articles have expanded the freedom of speech in personal narratives and finally how this invaluable archives will be later used in textbooks to study the cultural and social dynamics during the pandemic.

The Stanford Daily is the independent, student-run newspaper of Stanford University. The Daily was originally founded as a small pamphlet known as The Daily Palo Alto in 1892 and has been a campus fixture ever since. The Daily strives to serve the Stanford community with relevant, unbiased journalism and provides its editorial, tech and business staffs with unparalleled educational opportunities.

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Megha Sood

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