Calling out all the Bloggers for the “Life in Quarantine” Project by Stanford University,USA

Life in Quarantine provides a space for bloggers to share a more community-based perspective of the pandemic. What better way to understand the rich and varied ways communities are reacting to our changed life conditions than reading what their members are seeing and documenting through a short series of blog entries? Not only do we wish to understand the varied experiences of individuals through our collection of personal and anonymous stories (see our archive), but we also want to hear from bloggers who can provide a series of written “snapshots” about what they’re seeing in their communities and how the people around them are responding and reacting to this difficult historic moment.  

Welcome to Blogs in Quarantine, a virtual blog series where we showcase the work of community documentarians from around the globe! Our goal is to give people a platform to share insights into the unique microcosms of their neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities, etc. Whether you’re a long-time blogger extraordinaire or diving into this form for the very first time, we invite you to join us and give voice to what you’re seeing unfold around you!  

We hope you will share your work with the Life in Quarantine community! 

Here is the link to the submission form.

I’m in partnership with the Stanford University and you can read about the team and my role here.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood

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