My Blog Third Anniversary

We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. 
That maybe the measure of our lives.” – Toni Morrison

Every year August 23 always comes as a moment of celebration and a plethora of emotions coupled with memories as it adds another year to the birth of my poetry blog “Megha’s World”.A fruitful and an emotional journey I have taken with almost 6000 subscribers of my blog who have spent their precious time in reading every poem, publication news, event news, interview, every small bit of my happiness relating to my writing journey. What started as a mere effort to connect with the like-minded writers of the lit community has grown to be passion and a purpose that gave shape to my dreams and voice to the issues so close to all my life.

In the third year of this blog, I’m so proud to see my 450+ poems being published in almost 160 literary journals all over the world. Due to this poetry blog, I have been able to generate awareness about the social issue and generate charities for the same through almost 50 print anthologies. The love and the constant encouragement of the blogging community have given me the strength to take part in the poetry competitions and due to which I can proudly say that I won the State Level NAMI Poetry Competition for 2018/2019 and 2020. I was also the National Level Poetry Level winner in the Spring Robinson Prize 2020 and shortlisted in seven other poetry awards and prizes.

During these unprecedented times of coronavirus where we are hunkered down in our homes with our version of reality, due to the gift of writing, I have been able to part of almost 13 community lead crowdsourced activities which led to the publication of my poems in WNYC, Poetry Society of America, OCMA, Setu Magazine and many more.

Today I am involved in the editing of “The Medusa Project” an anthology soon to be out the ebook, celebrating the 100 years of the suffragist movement in the United States, by the UK based Lit Journal Mookychick. My first chapbook is soon to be out and am also working on my first full-length poetry collection. Finally, I was able to attain the position of a literary partner for their historical project “Life in Quarantine” by Stanford University.

In all, I can say that this blog has given me the purpose and the strength to become the voice of the unspoken and unheard and also acted as a conduit to my creative cathartic release.

Thanks for being a constant supporter of my journey!! I’m immensely grateful to every single reader of my blog from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks a million.

Megha Sood

Photo by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

19 thoughts on “My Blog Third Anniversary

  1. I wish I shared your passion to compete in so many writing endeavors. From what I’ve read in my brief time observing your blog, your product seems certainly worth it.,


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