Poetry Published in the “Fallow Ground” Issue of the Inwood Indiana


I’m stoked to be in the next issue of the Inwood Indiana. My Poem “Dance of the death” and “Town Bell” has been selected for publication in the forthcoming issue ” Fallow Ground” by Inwood Indiana Press. Inwood Indiana is one of the sister presses of the Prolific Press.

Inwood Indiana, the smallest press in the world, is proud to introduce Fallow Ground, bursting with small-town stories, world-class poetry, tales of horror and woe, and all things peculiar.

Featuring fine poems and stories by Edward Ahern, Tyler Ayers, Jonathan Bracker, Thomas Cannon, Len Carber, Erin Dewimille, John Dorroh, Milton Ehrlich, Helen Flanders, Arvilla Fee, Francis Flavin, Keith Gaboury, Annette Gagliardi, Susan Gentry, Dennis Gilliam, Gene Goldfarb, John Grey, Cordelia Hanemann, Tiffany Harmon, William Hunt, Chip Jett, Rebecca Kane, Margaret Karmazin, C.L. Killgore, Abigail Kipp, Wendy Lee Klenetsky, Josef Krebs, Bruce Levine, Rebecca Linam, Trisha McKee, John F McMullen, Alan Meyrowitz, Cameron Morse, James B. Nicola, Fabrice Poussin, Robin Ray, David Rogers, Terry Sanville, Russell Schneider, Jason Sibert, Michael Smith, Megha Sood, Don Thompson, Jesse Thompson, Shannon Thompson, William Trophy, JR Vork.

You can order the paperback here and support the indie press.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood


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