Poetry Published in the Inwood Indiana ” Fallow Ground” Issue

I’m stoked to be in the next issue of the Inwood Indiana. My Poem “Dance of the death” has been selected for publication in the forthcoming issue ” Fallow Ground” by Inwood Indiana Press. Inwood Indiana is one of the sister presses of the Prolific Press.

In the words of the editor:

Inwood Indiana is the smallest press in the world, virtually located at latitude 41.318 and longitude -86.203. Inwood is, by census data, “a populated place,” which makes it less than a town and more than an empty lot.

Inwood Indiana is real. Strange things happen in Inwood. Things come up missing, people see things, and the old lady on the corner seems to know your secrets. This publication is the place to tell your stories or shroud them in prose. We are interested in all things unusual. We are especially interested in poems and stories set in small towns.

You can read my poem here. The paperback issue is to be released soon.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood


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