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“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”
– E.A. Bucchianeri


I’ve always been looking

for empty spaces

spaces in your heart

spaces in your fleeting glance

to adjust mine

space next to you in the library,

an empty cozy corner in the party,

where the deafening noise is

calmed by your soothing voice

space next to you

on the commuter train

next to you in the bar

where I can sit and listen to all

the stories you have to say

I went to all the bars and the cocktails places

and looked for you in the half-filled drink

walked all the dark alleys


seeking for the company

under the moonlit sky
where you might have been

I always looked for the spaces

between my fingers

meticulously made

to adjust yours

I always thought the curve of my body

in the night was like that


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26 thoughts on “Belief

  1. Megha! This is gorgeous storytelling poetry! Love the feminine touch of words. Women forget sometimes how beautiful they are. I think often how that small contribution of the feminine touch in words can remind women of their truest beauty!? Lovely poem.

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