Shorlisted in TWIBB (The Woman Inc. Beyond Black) Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019



I’m so thrilled to share that my poem “Does hurt have a gender?” have been shortlisted for the coveted TWIBB Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019. The poem will be featured in the anthology soon to be published featuring the winners and the shortlisted poems. So thankful to the EIC Pooja Garg and the rest of the team for their support and hard work.

The Woman Inc Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards partnered with Beyond Black, the art & culture initiative of Safecity and RedDot Foundation to bring a wealth of support and mentorship opportunities for winners. Now to be called The Woman Inc. & Beyond Black Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards, they strive to recognize the best of global feminist voices in solidarity with women’s struggle for identity and dignity.

The awardees were selected by a jury comprising of Sairee Chahal – CEO Sheroes, Supreet Singh – COO Red Dot Foundation and Safecity, Harish Iyer – Founder The Jimmy Foundation, Bishakha Dutta – Founder Point of View and Pooja Garg – Founder and Chief Editor The Woman Inc.

You can see the list of the winners and those shortlisted here.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood



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