I can’t begin to tell how enraged and angry and heartbroken I have been for the past few days. This systemic oppression of the African American communities and the blatant violation of their human rights have been going on forever. How do you survive a system when the only people who are supposed to be your protectors devour you. The aggressive face of police brutality has been appalling. Needless to say, the movement started a long time back but the killing of the innocents never stopped. 

What good is a society when the people living in it has to devise a hashtag to bring the attention of people around them, to make them realize that their lives matter too?

This is inhumane and this is brutal, to say the least. You cannot tarnish the face of a movement by brandishing it as a violent riot. The foundation of this very country has been based on looting and violence. So how come the cries of the African American community are treated as mere rioting whereas the violence of your past is called revolution.

Racial discrimination is so prevalent and keeps on widening when the leadership instead of acknowledging the angst and fear int he community is trying to widen it further. Instead of channelizing the fear and anxiety deeply seeded in the African American community, they are being brandished as a terrorist organization.

If you cannot step out of your homes and take part in a peaceful march or protest then you can raise money for bailing out the protestors who have been locked up.

Whether you are born with white privilege or any kind of privilege. Don’t wait for the moment when you need to look for the hashtag to drive the attention of people towards you to make your life matter.

Recently I also wrote the poem “An Act of Self-defense” enraged by the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Below is the link my reading

Resources for Those Seeking to Help Anti-Police Brutality Protesters

Black Lives Matter!!

Megha Sood




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