Poetry reading for the online series by Setu Magazine, Pittsburg, USA

So thrilled to be included in the Online Poetry reading series “Poetry and prose in the time of Pandemic” by Pittsburg, USA based bilingual magazine Setu Bilingual सेतु पत्रिका. Really thankful to the EIC Sunil Sharma and Anurag Sharma for giving me the chance.

Setu Magazine has been curating the poetry read by poets all over the world for their online series “Poetry and Prose in time of Pandemic”. I’m really delighted to share the space with Santosh Bakaya, Loop Banerji, and many more.

Edited by an international board of talented Hindi and English authors, poets, journalists, and critics from across the globe, Setu is a monthly journal of literature and art. Setu also focuses on diasporic writings and features most happening, cutting-edge works in Hindi and English.

Setu means a bridge in Sanskrit and many other Indic languages. Becoming a cross-cultural bridge for world literature is one of the main objectives of Setu.

You can watch my poetry reading here. Last year few of my poems were also published in Setu and I was named the “Author of the Month”.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood



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