Featured in the “ Backstory of a poem” Series by Christal Car Cooper

I’m so honored to feature on the online “BackStory of a Poem” series curated by Christal Car Copper. I am very excited to share the backstory of one of my favorite poems “Silence – a lost art” with the readers of the blog.

The features trace the origin of the poem right from the early stages of its conception, thoughts its various transformations, and the final form it took. I had a lot of fun in recalling the poignant moments which gave birth to my poem.

The poem got published in the Flight Edition of the Nightingale and Sparrow and also got shortlisted for the Pangolin Poetry Prize judged by the talented Mellisa Studdard.

Here is the link for the BackStory of the Poem- Silence a lot art”

CHRIS RICE COOPER is a newspaper/Fiction writer, poet, photographer, & painter. She has a B.S. in Criminal Justice & completed her workshops required for her Master’s in Creative Writing. She lives in St. Louis.

Happy Blogging!!

Megha Sood


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