Haiku included in The Bridge-Progressive Arts Initiative #Quarantine Haikus Project #NationalPoetryMonth

I’m happy to see my Haiku included in the #QuarantineHaikus Project initiated by The Bridge – Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville, Virginia.

#QuarantineHaikus is a series of crowd-sourced uplifting Haikus to help us get through the COVID-19 outbreak. No matter what level of quarantine, self-quarantine, or social distancing you’re currently engaged in, we’re certain you’re likely feeling some measure of disconnection to your friends, family, and community. Join The Bridge in this simple project to help us all feel a little more connected as we weather this storm. Anyone can participate!


Hunkered down with life
finding solace in paper
poetry holds light

Here is the link of my video reading the Haiku

The Bridge is a dynamic and inclusive organization serving artists and thinkers who want to share knowledge, challenge one another, and engage in the progressive expression of diverse ideas. We provide the resources and programs to engage the breadth of contemporary creative culture.

Here is the link to the detail on how to participate.
Happy National Poetry Month!!

Megha Sood


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