Recycled happiness- Throwback Friday-Megha Sood

Go Dog Go Café


Oh! there comes our salary
our paycheck
the key to all our happiness
the things we wish for
luxuries we longed for
the glittery dreams
are going to come true
any moment now
you will see.

My lover will shower all her love
kids and spouse
will now understand
my long-lost worth
I’ll back as the man of the
now, you’ll see
those shiny teeth and
those  phony smiles
will last long
till the last dime
last on me.

We will be the epitome,
the perfect picture of the
happiness and love
and all that happily ever after
for everyone to see

Till the elixir dries up slowly
and new toys
start to lose their sheen
the clothes in the
overstuffed wardrobe
doesn’t beat up to
with the neighbors’ next doors
in their list of
top trendy

Till somebody finds
a more exotic location
to spend
their vacation
beating us to the one
we wanted to be
Let’s all…

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